The Manor of Moncan is located very close to Carnac, la Trinité-sur-mer, Locmariaquer et Vannes.

Carnac, with its five beautiful sand beaches is a place frequented by families and loved by all who visit them. Carnac hosts an outstanding megalithic site: 40000 standing stones erected between 5000 and 2000 AD, it is often described as France’s Stonehenge.

La Trinité-sur-mer is a famous harbour from where sailing boats leave to travel around the world and Locmariaquer, with its serene beaches and opportunies for fishing are only 15 kms away.

Vannes, a medieval city and the capital of Morbihan offers a lot of activities: art and history museums, aquarium…

Sainte Anne d’Auray, famous pilgrimage site is 10 kms away.

The Manor’s Gardens are enjoyable through all seasons. Every year, we grow new plants so the retreat stays fresh for our returning guests.